Welcome to the world of Andrea Spinelli by Gary Williams

Creativity, some say, is “the ability to see what is there.” Andrea Spinelli personifies that definition.

Seen through his eyes and portrayed by his brush, the common is never mundane and simple things are never plain. Nothing in life is immune to Spinelli’s wry observation and careful craftsmanship. He shows us that meaning and beauty are everywhere.

Variety. Beauty. Intelligence. Humor. Spinelli’s work and world is striking and subtle, but never predictable. Everything is of interest to Spinelli, and he seems to find in almost everything a story worth telling.

Old and new, clean and dirty, light and shadow – Spinelli is a master of contrast and juxtaposition. His work moves from placid country landscapes to congested streets, where formal print appears beside scrawled graffiti and works of nature shadow acts of man. His is a world of drama and tranquility, life and light cast in various shades.

Spinelli teaches us to look for irony. Protest posters, once loud and bold, are now themselves torn down by someone who did not like them. Illegal squatters preempt and amend the sign posted to forbid access to the land they are using. An incinerated car is inspected nonchalantly by a police officer holding a cigarette.

Spinelli’s versatility keeps us surprised and draws us back again and again to see what we may have missed. Both the general impact and the minute details of his paintings impress and intrigue us. And there is always more to be seen than may first meet the eye.

Spinelli’s portraits are alive. His subjects almost seem to converse with their viewers instead of merely staring back at them. Perhaps because they are all friends of Spinelli, he makes us wish we knew them also.

A realist who is never pedantic, Spinelli is both a skilled technician and an acute observer of life. But true art conceals its artistry. Spinelli draws us in and engages us with his friends and his city without drawing attention to either his technique or his considerable ability. His skill is so profound that he keeps it hidden, releasing his subjects to speak for themselves.

Admire. Study. Smile. You can experience Spinelli’s work on many levels. Appreciate the beauty – notice his use of color and light. Look for the story – what has so far happened and what will happen next? Or ask of the artist – why did he choose this, to be shown in this way?

Above all, enjoy with Andrea Spinelli this, his celebration of the unpredictable, unbelievable world in which we live, and the unbelievable people who surround us.

He paints it all with affection.

Gary Williams

© Copyright Andrea Spinelli
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