Introduction to the painting machines

“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto” – I am a man, so nothing in the  human world  is alien to me. Let me begin with this latin statement by Publio Terenzio Afro to summarize my aptitude on trying things which are in the human capacity.

Having lived in Florence for so long I have probably been influenced by  Renaissance men and polymaths like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Leon Battista Alberti and others, so let me put aside the visual art component of myself and introduce my technical skills regarding the invention of mechatronic machines.

All started when I decided to build a robot which could help me paint, but then when I had the machine up and running I realized that it could stand alone as  a piece of art by itself, an installation, and it could also generate one of a kind art paintings.

The first one I built had a very heavy painting head with a complicated system of color change with pistons and syringes, so the result was a funny and awkward thing trembling around the axes X and Y while painting. This machine can be seen at work here:

Later I devised a totally different one working on a vertical plane  and another painting head. Watch it here:

The principle on which they are based is a drawing made within a Cad program, later translated into G-code and finally sent to a machine controller program that moves the motors  accordingly, like a CNC machine.

The last project I am still working on now is a robot that moves and paints according to my hand and arm movements from a distance, by means of a glove and radio signals. And creation continues…

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